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Why Revival Is So Important for The Church

In each of our churches, a category for revival is necessary. Without it, we might not get a significant benefit that God provides. Without it, we risk wasting our lives working for the wrong goals and undermining the next generation.

The classic hymn “Revive Us Again” is well known. What does this signify, though? When and how are we resurrected? We frequently hear bad discourse about “revival” and “getting right” with God, but due to abuse and repetition, this concept has clouded the minds of most listeners today. This post will provide you with knowledge of why revival is essential and how you can choose revival as well.

What is Revival?

The Hebrew word chayah, which is the root of the English word “revival,” means “to bring back to life,” “to return to consciousness,” or “to restore to a prior condition.” The drowning victim was miraculously saved, for example. It refers to restoration, rejuvenation, or resurgence of interest following spiritual negligence, amnesia, or obscurity, as mentioned in the Bible.

Importance of Revival in the Church

Revival is a chance to seek God’s face, beg for His pardon, repent of our sins, and experience spiritual refreshment. Let’s pray and seek God’s face, asking for revival in our lives and the church as we examine the importance of revival in this article.

Spiritual Uplift

Our spiritual selves are renewed and reconnected to God via revival. It allows us to assess our connection with God and reaffirm our dedication. Create a pure heart, O God, and renew a firm soul within me, David prays in Psalms 51:10. We might recite this prayer and seek God’s face in the ideal setting during a revival.

God’s Power

Humanity has been granted a certain degree of power. We are persuadable. We are creatively capable and can be attractive to a certain extent.

Humans can arrange themselves, plan, and accomplish incredible accomplishments. Yet, in contrast to the strength inside God, all those things are little. When a church asks for revival, they plead with a force outside themselves. They ask for an immense outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s power than they could ever imagine. This prayer is one of trust, one of need, and one of humility.


The Great Awakenings were revivals in early America for a purpose. The only thing required right now is waking up from our sleep. Even the greatest among us are so exhausted in the presence of God.

Most of the time, our God-sensibilities are so gloomy that many Christians no longer even open their Bibles. Indeed, entertainment has made us dull, but the issue goes far deeper than that. Not only have we been amused by other things, but we have neglected to be in awe of God. So, when a church prays for revival, it asks for a spiritual awakening. They are asking the Lord for seasons of refreshment.

The Takeaway!

When God enters our world, everything is transformed! Let’s pray with the Mid Night Cry that He would renew our relationships with Him, changing our country as He changes us as His people.

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