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July-August 2023

Hi Again!
We’re still studying in 1st Kings about Solomon, Rehoboam and Jeroboam.

Solomon started out following in his father’s footsteps and walking in the ways of God, even having conversations with God. God made a promise to Solomon that if Solomon would continue honoring and obeying God, he would have wisdom riches and honor, among other things. Solomon followed God until he started thinking more about himself, putting his desires and wants before the commandments of God, and he allowed himself to be influenced by earthly things and people, resulting in him becoming a stumbling block for others and God splitting the kingdom, giving most of the territory and tribes to another leader.

God still honored His promise to David (you will always have a man on the throne) by giving Rehoboam (Solomon’s son and successor to the throne) the tribe of Judah and the Northern Kingdom. Ten tribes were given to Jeroboam, becoming the Southern Kingdom. Jeroboam was a valiant man, chosen as a leader during the reign of Solomon, because Solomon saw strength and courage in him.

Jeroboam was selected by the people to approach Rehoboam after Solomons death to make an appeal for the people and would have served Rehoboam if Rehoboam had agreed to make things even a little easier for the people. Rehoboam listened to their requests and asked for council from the wise counsellors Solomon had surrounded himself with; then asked for council from his friends he had been brought up with, whom had no experience as rulers. Rehoboam would not compromise, even promising to make things more difficult for them, following the council of his friends.

It seems as if younger people who have been brought up in the same culture usually feel they have to prove they are better and tougher than their predecessors. Maybe things haven’t changed much throughout history. It’s really something to think about.

God never tempts us, but He does test us and give us opportunities to see if we will continue to follow Him, honor our part of the promise He makes us so that we can reap the rewards of His part of the promise.

No one ever stated that living a Christian life is easy. It is simple; just obey God and He will take care of you. We will always have trials, but the rewards are amazing!

Have a Blessed Day!

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