Midnight Cry

Midweek Oasis: Finding Solace in Wednesday Night Bible/Prayer Service at 6:30 PM

In the midst of our bustling lives, Abner Baptist Church invites you to experience a Midweek Oasis—our Wednesday Night Bible/Prayer Service at 6:30 PM. As the week unfolds, this service provides a sacred space for reflection, renewal, and deepening our connection with God.

The Wednesday Night Service is more than a routine gathering; it’s a deliberate pause—a moment to breathe, pray, and delve into the teachings of the Bible. Led by Pastor Jim Thomas, these evenings offer a unique blend of spiritual insight, community support, and heartfelt prayer. It’s a time to lay down burdens, seek guidance, and draw strength from the well of collective faith.

Join us as we explore the solace and spiritual rejuvenation that Wednesday nights bring to our congregation. Whether you’re navigating challenges, celebrating victories, or simply seeking a quiet moment of communion, this midweek service is a beacon of light in the midst of life’s demands. Come, find solace, and let the Wednesday Night Bible/Prayer Service be a source of strength and inspiration on your spiritual journey.

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